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December 17, 2013 - Volume 12, Issue 12
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From a TCM perspective, the health and vitality of the Spleen Qi and Liver Qi in patients who are following a high protein diet is important. If the Liver and Spleen are working in harmony, then most of the potential complications of consuming large amounts of protein can be avoided. Read how a variety of herbs can keep the Spleen/Liver working in harmony.

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Many people suffering from depression can find a natural and effective way to treat their symptoms with acupuncture, according to the latest study. Turns out, patients who suffer from depression may benefit more from acupuncture or counseling alongside their usual care, compared with usual care alone.

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The better your breathing skills are, the more successful you will be at pushing an unwanted emotion away. But when you stop applying your effort, the emotion will come back. This occurs because, to your mind, your unwanted emotion and your breathing technique are two independent processes, and you may have great difficulty connecting them.

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