Stay Strong for Life

By Editorial Staff

As we age, we begin to lose lean body mass (lean adipose tissue) and gain more of the fatty adipose variety, which is never a good thing. We also lose muscle strength; anywhere from 8-16 percent after age 50 or so. This influences basal metabolism, which declines the older we get, creating a vicious chain events that can make us, to put it simply, fatter and weaker over time.

senior liftweight - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Fortunately, we can fight this process with strength training, even in our golden years, to help build lean muscle, increase metabolism and keep us lean and mean for a lifetime. Simple exercises like wrist and arm curls, dumbbell shoulder raises, chair dips, back leg raises and a long list of others can go a long way toward preserving our youthful vigor as we age. To learn more, including how to perform these and other exercises correctly, visit

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