Can You Hear This? Your Weight Might Be The Reason

For women who are seeking a way to preserve their hearing, the solution is to maintain a healthy weight, according to new studies reported in various outlets this month.

The study, published in The American Journal of Medicine, found that when a woman has a high body mass and a large waist there seems to be a link to self-reported hearing loss. Researchers found some interesting takes according to the study.

In 20-year-old data, they found that the higher the body mass index, the greater the risk for hearing loss. Compared with women with a B.M.I. under 25, those with an index of 25 to 29 had an 8 percent increased risk. The numbers kept going up: 11 percent for 30 to 34, 16 percent for 35 to 39 and 19 percent for those above 40. The increasing risk associated with larger waist circumference followed a similar pattern.

So what can you do to prevent this? Turns out that moderate physical activity — walking, jogging and going to the gym reduced the risk for hearing loss. Maintaining good weight also involves eating right. Make sure to get all of your vegetables and fruits in with exercise and the lighter you can be to keep your ears from suffering from hearing loss.

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