Plastic Takes a Toll on Your IQ

By Editorial Staff

If you haven't been scared away from plastics yet, maybe this factoid will push you over the edge and convince you to avoid plastics whenever possible, particularly if you're expecting a child. According to a recent study, expectant mothers exposed to the highest levels of chemicals known as phthalates – a group of compounds used in plastics to make products more flexible – produced children whose IQs were lower at age 7 than children whose mothers were exposed to the lowest levels during pregnancy.

Children whose mothers were in the high-exposure group tested four points lower, on average, on the IQ test. Two common phthalates, DnBP and DiBP, were the culprits, according to the research – the latest study to link the chemical compounds to various health consequences including behavioral disorders. Phthalates are found not only in plastic storage and packaging products, but also a wide range of products including plastic toys, nail polish and hair spray.

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