Cold Season Is Here, But You Can Fight It Naturally

By Editorial Staff

If you're thinking cold season is still far off, you've made your first mistake. Cold season officially begins in August or early September, according to statistics, getting progressively worse and lasting all the way until late March or early April. That means you and your family are at risk today and every day for quite a few months. And keep in mind that with kids back in school at all ages, your chances of catching a cold from someone else who's got one also increase dramatically.

Fortunately, there's a natural way to shorten the duration of your misery if you do happen to develop a cold: zinc lozenges. While previous studies have suggested this association, a recent review goes a step further, connecting the use of lozenges containing zinc acetate (75 mg or more) with a reduction in the number of days (from seven to four) experiencing cold symptoms – even in people without allergies. In fact, zinc lozenges proved effective regardless of cold severity as well.

cold season - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark So, you've got options when you develop a cold: rush to the medicine cabinet / pharmacy and load yourself up with a decongestant, cough suppressant and various other medications – all of which have potential side effects and generally only suppress symptoms; or take some zinc lozenges and get plenty of fluids and rest. We know which option we'd choose; how about you?

Note: Citric acid inhibits zinc absorption, so look for a lozenge without citric acid to maximize absorption and get the most zinc bang for your buck! Talk to your doctor for more information about this and other natural ways to treat the common cold without resorting to medication.

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