Exercise for Cancer Fatigue

By Editorial Staff

Cancer is challenging enough without having to deal with the fatigue associated with the disease and/or the treatment. Unfortunately, that's often the reality, as stress, chemotherapy and the cancer itself can all exert a heavy toll. But help may be on the way, and it's a more effective, safer option than medication, according to research.

Researchers analyzed more than 100 published studies involving patients with cancer fatigue assigned to receive exercise, psychotherapy, both interventions or drugs for their exhaustion. Exercise and psychotherapy reduced fatigue by 26-30 percent during and after cancer treatment, while medications only reduced fatigue by 9 percent.

Is there any reason not to exercise, whether you're fit as a fiddle or suffering from cancer? While certain exercises may be contraindicated based on your health, it's increasingly clear that exercise has countless health benefits that can prevent cancer and other chronic conditions - or put you in a better position to defeat them if you're afflicted. Your doctor can help outline an exercise program that's right for your age, fitness goals and physical limitations, if you have any.

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