An Allergy Solution

By Editorial Staff

OK, maybe not for allergies overall, but at least for the symptoms of pollen allergies that can ruin so many people's day. Far too often, allergy medication is the top choice for allergy sufferers – which accounts for the estimated $4 billion annual over-the-counter allergy drug market as of 2022. But what if there was a better way, without side effects? There is.

Women allergic to grass- and/or birch pollen were randomly divided into two groups. One group took a daily lozenge containing β-lactoglobulin with iron, polyphenols, retinoic acid, and zinc for six months; the second group received a placebo lozenge containing no micronutrients for the same time period. All participants were blinded to whether they were taking the micronutrient lozenge or the placebo lozenge.

allergy symptoms - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Each woman was subjected to a nasal pollen challenge before and after the six-month study window, and various allergy variables including blood immune and iron parameters, daily symptoms, medication use, pollen concentrations, and overall well-being were assessed. After receiving the micronutrient lozenge for six months, total nasal symptom scores improved by 42 percent compared to only 13 percent for women receiving the placebo lozenge. The Combined Symptom Medication Score, which assesses symptoms and medication use, also improved dramatically for the lozenge group during the birch peak and entire seasons, and the entire grass pollen season, compared to the placebo group. Study findings appear in the research publication Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.

If you suffer from seasonal or any other allergy, talk to your doctor about how you can replace the allergy medications in your medicine cabinet with micronutrient supplements that target allergy symptoms effectively and naturally. You deserve an allergy solution.

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