January 7, 2020 - Volume 14, Issue 1

Don't Settle for Neck Pain

Far too often, people attribute neck pain to stress and take pain medication to mask the symptoms. Sound familiar? Fortunately, if you're a chiropractic patient, you know there's a more effective, safer way.

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Starting Them Off Wrong

Our children are consuming far too much sugar and they're starting at an increasingly younger age. That's a big problem because excess added sugar can contribute to the same health issues it causes in adults.

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Balancing the Brain

Balance and brain health are two important health variables that can suffer dramatically as we get older. Fortunately, research suggests improving one can benefit the other. Here's how.

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Fasting: Good for the Heart

Fasting is a buzzword these days because of its potential benefits when it comes not only to weight loss, but also overall health and longevity. Fasting also may be a literal lifesaver for patients with a heart condition.

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Know Your Vitamin D Status

Vitamin D is produced in substantial amounts when the body is exposed to sunlight, but many people are deficient in this important micronutrient. Here's why it matters.

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Wide Awake in America

When was the last time you enjoyed restful, restorative, uninterrupted sleep? We're betting you've had more trouble sleeping than peaceful sleep, and you're not alone.

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