April 14, 2020 - Volume 14, Issue 8

Chiropractic Is Essential ... Especially During COVID-19

Access to health care, including chiropractic, is limited right now. But you shouldn't let circumstance stop you from connecting with your chiropractor during these uncertain times.

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Find Your Happy Place

Among the words one could use to describe life in the Age of COVID-19, one may stand out more than most for the general population: stress. Here's how to find your happy place and reduce stress even during lockdown.

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Immune Boosters

Why do many people seem to experience mild symptoms – or no symptoms at all – from COVID-19? Perhaps because they have a strong immune system. Let's learn how to boost it naturally.

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Exercise Lowers Stroke Risk - Even After Suffering One

Because high blood pressure is the primary risk factor for stroke, exercise (particularly aerobic) is a great way to reduce risk. In fact, it may even reduce the risk of suffering a second stroke.

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Toxic to Your Child's IQ

In utero and early childhood exposure to flame retardants and pesticides can have disasterous consequences.

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A Cause of High Cholesterol?

Who knew this commonly consumed beverage could increase lipid levels, including cholesterol and triglycerides?

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