April 28, 2020 - Volume 14, Issue 9

The Overlooked Risk Factor for Coronavirus Complications

Age continues to be the #1 risk factor because with age, one's immune system naturally declines. Then there's the #2 factor, significant for more than just its ranking.

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Exercise for COVID-19?

Researchers are working around the clock to find a medication that can help treat the virus and find a vaccine to help prevent it. Could something this simple, readily available and natural be part of the solution?

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Boost Your Immune System's Performance With Vitamin D

Could vitamin D reduce the risk of flu and coronavirus infections and deaths? It makes sense when you consider what the authors of this new study say.

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Danger Within Reach

Most medications come with childproof caps / seals and/or a strict warning to "keep out of reach of children." The warnings are going unheeded, with a recent study suggesting childhood exposure is shockingly common.

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Your Body Is Texting You

And the text reads: "All that time staring at phone and tablet screens is causing major posture issues and pain."

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No Gym? No Worries

Here are four ways to stay fit, get fitter and avoid the "COVID 15" (weight gain attributable to stay-at-home orders).

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