September 15, 2020 - Volume 14, Issue 19

Why Chiropractic Care Is Your Best Option When You're in Pain

Pain is a major problem, but so is medication use to help relieve it. If you haven't already realized chiropractic, not drugs, is your best option, perhaps you'll be swayed by research.

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Drink Green Tea, Live Longer

Green tea may have originated in China centuries ago, but it's made its way to the U.S. and become a popular beverage option – and not just for tea enthusiasts. That's because the health benefits of green tea are profound.

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Losing Muscle With Age? More Vitamin C Could Be the Solution

As we get older, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain, much less build, muscle mass like you could when you were younger. Could vitamin C be part of the solution?

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Keep Your Kids Cardio Fit

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions have made it abundantly clear: Kids don't get enough exercise anymore. Starting them off "wrong" in terms of fitness can have lasting consequences, suggests research.

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Probiotics for Depression?

"I take probiotics for gut health, but what does that have to do with depression?" A great deal.

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Low Carb, High Fat for Seniors

Which weight-loss dietary strategy works best to help obese seniors lose fat and improve overall health?

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