November 10, 2020 - Volume 14, Issue 23

Two for One With Chiropractic

Can't shake that back pain? Plagued by headaches? Experiencing one may raise your likelihood of experiencing both. But there's good news: the potential reason why points to a single solution - chiropractic care.

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Exercise Stalls Cancer Growth

And the immune system may be involved. Exercising slows both cancer growth and mortality (death) rates; but specific immune system cells negate the benefit of exercise if removed.

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Influencing What Kids Eat

Online influencers appear to be just as bad as television commercials when it comes to promoting unhealthy food. New research reveals the challenge parents increasingly face.

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The Problem With Daily Aspirin

Daily low-dose aspirin is increasingly recommended as a way to reduce heart attack and stroke risk, even in healthy people - but it comes with a major risk of its own: GI bleeding.

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Diet Drinks Cause Heart Issues?

Think you can swap out your daily sugar-sweetened soft drinks with the diet variety and go on your merry, healthy way? Not so fast.

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Supplements for Vertigo

We can talk about the symptoms and causes of vertigo, but let's focus on a potential solution: nutritional supplementation.

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