July 20, 2021 - Volume 15, Issue 15

Understanding Back Pain

Regardless of the reason, there are too many people suffering from back pain and not enough understanding of the causes and potential solutions. Let's try and change that by looking at the basics of back pain.

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Fish Oil for Migraines

More than 39 million adults and children in the U.S. suffer migraines, and migraine is the third most common illness globally. What can you do if you suffer migraines? Fatty fish or fish oil supplements.

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Breathing for BP

Despite all the blood pressure-lowering medications on the market, lowering your blood pressure could be achievable by doing something your body does naturally approximately 20,000 times per day - well, sort of.

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Maintaining Healthy Sleep Habits Could Keep You Thin

Who gets good sleep these days? The ones who do could be benefiting not just in terms of being refreshed and ready to take on the day; keeping off the pounds could also be easier.

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More Time = Healthier Eating?

Research suggests doubling children's seated lunch time results in higher consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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Exercise Counters Poor Sleep

Poor sleep is causing an epidemic of short- and long-term health issues. Can increasing our weekly exercise levels counter the ill effects?

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