October 26, 2021 - Volume 15, Issue 22

Why Every Day Should Be Bring-Your-Chiropractor-to-Work Day

What if you could truly enjoy your time off work when you choose to take it, not when your bad back makes you take it? If your workplace offered chiropractic care, it might become a reality.

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Time for Less Sodium

If you tabulated your average daily sodium intake, you'd probably be floored - approximately 3,400 mg a day. Considering the recommended limit is more than 1,000 mg less, it's easy to see the problem.

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Prevent Cancer in 5 Hours

We're talking about five hours a week of physical activity, and data continues to support recommendations to engage in at least that much to make a dent in your cancer risk, particularly certain types of cancer.

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Taking Aspirin to Prevent a Heart Attack? Not So Fast

More and more healthy people from middle age on are taking daily aspirin as a preventive measure, "just in case." Not so fast, according to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

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Why Too Much Screen Time Is Bad for Your Young Child's Brain

Excessive non-quality screen time may impact language, executive function, and emergent literacy abilities in preschoolers, suggests research.

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Avoiding Gestational Diabetes: Good for Mom, Good for Baby

We're talking about gestational diabetes, which can pose health risks not only to the expectant mother, but also to the child ... long term.

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