March 15, 2022 - Volume 16, Issue 6

Here's How Your Chiropractor Can Help Prevent ADHD

How about by providing nondrug solutions for pain instead of acetaminophen, whose use during pregnancy has been associated with childhood behavioral problems.

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Keeping the Weight Off

Losing the weight seems distinctly easier than keeping it off; but it doesn't have to be that way. Despite all the failed diet stories, let's get some tips for success from people who've lost weight – and kept it off long term.

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Time for Spring Cleaning?

Not your house or garage; let's develop a spring-cleaning plan for your body and mind. Here are three things to dust off, throw out or modify to help you take the next critical steps in your health and wellness journey.

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Never Stop Exercising

The health and wellness benefits attributed to consistent exercise are profound, but don't think you can stop when you're older; or that starting in your golden years won't do any good. In fact, just the opposite is true.

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Why Niacin Matters

One reason this water-soluble vitamin matters: it helps protect your heart by keeping your blood pressure in check.

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Less Meat, Lower Risk

Low-meat and meat-free diets reduce cancer risk, pure and simple. What's a "low-meat" diet? Let's see.

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