April 26, 2022 - Volume 16, Issue 9

Pain Damages Your Brain

Opioids – the wrong way to manage pain – have been exposed, but chronic pain can be just as dangerous / deadly if not addressed. In fact, it may even cause brain changes that lead to cognitive decline and dementia.

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Water: Good for the Heart

Do you know H2O is heart healthy? Exciting new research shows why water matters when it comes to your heart, specifically in terms of reducing the risk of heart failure.

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How Exercise Prevents Cancer

How does exercise make cancer more likely to strike; particularly colon cancer? Let's go to the blackboard for a quick science lesson that will make you want to hit the gym immediately.

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Prevention Starts Early

Kids might take their health for granted, but parents should certainly be paying attention, because the health factors that increase heart disease risk actually start during childhood, according to research.

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Quercetin: A Rising Star

Many quercetin-containing foods are often associated with promoting longevity and immune support. Let's see why.

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4 Ways to Feel Young

Youth is a state of mind, not a period of time in your life. That's a particularly important philosophy to uphold as you get older.

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