July 4, 2023 - Volume 17, Issue 14

Listen to Your Spine

There's an important saying in the world of chiropractic, "Your spine is the window to your health." That's because the condition of your spine can divulge a great deal of information about your overall health.

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Flavanols Preserve Memory

Flavanols are compounds that help prevent the conditions that can lead to diseases – major diseases including Alzheimer's and dementia. And that leads us to our discussion about preserving memory.

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Why It's So Hard to Keep It Off

One clue to understanding why it's so hard to keep weight off comes from a new study that suggests the brain responds differently to the presence of food in the stomach if you're obese – even if you lose weight.

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Junk Food: Bad for Sleep

Eat anything fatty, greasy, sugary or well, junky, and your sleep could be affected. But it goes much deeper than that  – we're talking about the impact of junk food on a particularly important aspect of sleep – deep sleep.

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Pre-Teen Fitness Matters

Pre-teens with higher levels of physical activity have lower risks of  emotional difficulties, depressive symptoms and behavioral issues.

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Why Chronic Stress = IBD

Learn why chronic stress causes GI inflammation and IBD symptoms - and what you can do to manage your stress.

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