September 12, 2023 - Volume 17, Issue 19

Make the Right Choice

An important paper appeared recently in The Lancet, one of the oldest, most-respected research journals in the world. The paper looked at the impact of opioids for patients with acute (12 weeks or less) back and/or neck pain.

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Life-Saving Exercises

How much exercise, and in what combinations, lower your risk of early death? Let's see what activities you should be doing every week to live the longest, healthiest life possible.

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Bad for the Liver

Postmenopausal women who enjoy a daily sugary soda or similar sweetened drink, listen carefully: those sweetened beverages you're consuming could be damaging your liver.

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P Is for Perfect Your Posture

Posture is a definite buzzword these days, and not for the right reasons. These exercises can be valuable in preventing poor posture and the health consequences that can result.

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When Unhealthy Is Healthy

For kids with eating disorders, exposure therapy to feared "unhealthy" foods can benefit their recovery.

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Your Microbiome Matters

Both your fitness and biological age can be influenced by microbiome health, suggest researchers.

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