November 21, 2023 - Volume 17, Issue 24

Best for Low Back Pain

Evidence suggests chiropractic spinal manipulation is as effective as commonly recommended treatment options such as pain medication for low back pain, which should make it your best, first recommendation.

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Reversing Down Time

Research implicates excess sedentary time in a wide range of health issues; and these days, too many people are engaging in far too much of it. Fortunately, research suggests exercise can help reverse the damage.

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3 Reasons to Improve Your Diet

While we need to appreciate the value of enjoying food and not be shamed into avoiding anything that's on the table, there's also a real lesson in understanding why improving your diet throughout the year yields big benefits.

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Baby Deserves Better

During pregnancy and a baby's first year, antibiotic use is particularly ill-advised unless absolutely necessary. Why? One reason is that it increases the risk that your baby will develop this chronic health condition.

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Eating for Diabetes

Is calorie restriction or time-restricted eating better for type 2 diabetes?

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Sugar on the Brain

Too much sugar isn't just bad for your body; it's bad for your brain, too.

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