July 16, 2024 - Volume 18, Issue 15

Neck Pain: Think Chiropractic

Neck pain is no laughing matter; depending on the severity, it can ruin your day, week or even longer. But before you turn to the medicine cabinet for your favorite pain reliever, learn why chiropractic can make a difference.

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Maintain Your Strength

After about age 50, we lose up to 3% of our muscle strength – every year. Loss of muscle has potential consequences: an increased risk of frailty, falls and fractures. Here's the solution.

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Unhealthy Snack Calories

Most Americans indulge in unhealthy snacking the majority of the time. A new study suggests U.S. adults average 400-500 calories in snacks every day that offer little nutritional value.

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Exercise for Breast Cancer

An estimated one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer. According to new research, as little as 30 minutes of exercise increases the proportion of tumor-killing white blood cells in breast cancer patients.

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  • Weight-Loss Win - Tips to Help Tip the Scales (in the Right Direction)
  • Cancer Killers - Antioxidant Defense: How to Fight Cancer Naturally
  • Pediatrics - Growing Up With Antibiotics = Growing Up With Asthma?
  • Ergonomics 101 - Sit or Stand? Strategies to Improve Workplace Health


Foods That Fight Cancer

Check out these dietary patterns that help fight cancer progression, which means a higher chance of survival if diagnosed.

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Everyday Wellness Habits

You're either promoting wellness or discouraging it every day. It's time to embrace the benefits of wellness on every level.

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