To Your Health
December, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 12)
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Sugar-Free Drinks: Still Bad for Your Teeth

By Editorial Staff

Think "sugar free" means safe for your teeth? Not according to recent research investigating how sugar-free beverages impact dental health. In the study, researchers divided participants into two comparison groups, with one group consuming sugary drinks and the other sugar-free drinks. Of 15 drinks tested, only one (milk) did not cause tooth decay in both groups.

The researchers then compared water, cola and eight different sports drinks to assess their impact on dental health, finding that while water caused no decay (as might be expected), cola caused the worst rates of decay and all sports drinks except those infused with calcium caused decay as well.

soda drinks - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark So the next time you see "sugar free" on a product label, particularly sugar-free drinks, remember that when it comes to protecting your teeth, think water first and often; think sugar and sugar-free drinks only on rare occasion. Your teeth will thank you for it.