To Your Health
February, 2011 (Vol. 05, Issue 02)
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Keys to an Amazing Memory

By Editorial Staff

Memories can make you happy, sad or somewhere in between, but in terms of knowledge, the more you can remember, the better. If you want proof, just consider the opposite scenario: How frustrating is it to be in a situation in which you can't remember something? Here are a few easy ways to improve your memory and make life considerably less frustrating in the process:

Relate: One of the best ways to memorize something new is by relating it to something familiar. How many calories are in a fat gram? It's 9; perhaps that's your shoe size, birthday month, etc.

memory - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Organize: Need to remember the 72-item grocery list (you left on the kitchen counter)? Group items by grocery aisle, food type, etc., and make memorization that much easier.

Teach: Memorize something by teaching what you're learning to someone else. As they memorize the information, it will reinforce what you've learned; if they don't get it, maybe you don't (yet), either.

Prepare: Your memory is a gift, but only if you use it. Whether it's your next office presentation or what to do if your parachute doesn't open, memorize early and you won't get in trouble when the big day arrives.


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