To Your Health
December, 2010 (Vol. 04, Issue 12)
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3 Resolutions For A New Year

Less Junk Food

junk food - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Let's start with the hardest one, particularly since a new year will undoubtedly mean a new slew of fat-laden, nutrient-deficient fast-food fodder from your favorite chains. Not to worry: resolve to eat less junk food (the fast-food variety and the store-bought kind) by committing to making meals from scratch and only eating out once or twice a week. You'll save money and stay healthy.

Less Television

television - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Not to pick on any network or show in particular, but America has become a nation of boob-tube junkies, watching reality television at an alarming rate. The reality is that the more time you spend watching TV, the less time you spend in infinitely more healthy pursuits - like moving, for one thing. Resolve to avoid couch-potato syndrome by limiting TV time to 5-7 hours per week, max.

More Variety

variety - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Whether it's mixing up your workout, learning a new skill, taking a different route to work or trying out a new recipe, variety is the key to stagnation; and stagnation is a major cause of poor health. When you're stuck in a rut, you're more likely to give up, give in and resort to bad habits - eating, exercise, and overall lifestyle. Resolve to move beyond your normal routine at least once a week.


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