To Your Health
April, 2022 (Vol. 16, Issue 04)
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4 Ways to Feel Young

By Editorial Staff

Youth is a state of mind, not a period of time in your life. That's a particularly important philosophy to uphold as you get older. After all, who wants to be old and feel old? That's a tough combination, and one many people struggle with as they reach what should be their "golden years." The point is, your golden years are only what you make of them, and the process doesn't just start when you get there.

Here are four ways to feel young – at any age – and set the stage for a lifetime of youthful exuberance.

1. Laugh Like  a Child: When was the last time you laughed? Not just an internal snicker; we're talking laughter that you couldn't keep in – and couldn't stop, even if you tried. If you haven't experienced it in awhile (or ever), you're missing out. If you have, you know exactly what we're talking about and how it made you feel. Laugher is known as the "best medicine" for a reason: it reduces stress, increases circulation, improves mood, relieves pain and more. Now that's a recipe for feeling young.

2. Move Your Body: It's a fact that for most people, as we age we tend to slow down. Our joints get stiffer, our body may get heavier, and our ability and desire to stay active may wane. That's a big mistake. The more you teach your body to move - whether by exercising, staying physically active (gardening, etc.) or other activities, the better. Why? Because "movement is life," and a healthy, mobile you is the key to staying – and feeling – young.

3. Fuel Your Youth: Too many people of all ages take the wrong approach to eating. As soon as you consider food not just a pleasure, but also a way to fuel your body, your perspective changes. Every time you eat something, healthy or unhealthy, it affects your body at a cellular level, from your brain to your toes. Eat poorly, and your body ages; eat well, and your fuel your perpetual youth, pure and simple.

4. Accept With Grace: No matter what lifestyle behaviors you pursue, the reality is that we all get old. There's nothing we can do to turn back the chronological clock. (The biological clock is something different, as we discussed in a previous article.) However, the more you accept the reality of aging, the better you feel and the longer you are able to enjoy life; research proves it. It's what's called "aging satisfaction."

That said, accepting the invevitability of growing old does not mean you have to feel old. Remember, youth is a state of mind, reinforced by daily choices that help you look younger, feel younger and avoid age-related health issues. Talk to your doctor for more information.