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December 17, 2013 - Volume 12, Issue 12
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It's no secret professional massage therapists and bodywork practitioners rely on a stable client base for income. By providing client-centered treatments, a welcoming therapeutic atmosphere and conducting themselves professionally and ethically, clients are more likely to return for additional visits. But, are there other reasons why people continue to schedule regular appointments?

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As the new year approaches, those weight loss resolutions are in full swing as men and women seek to drop those extra pounds they've added over the year, as well as those additional pounds from the holidays. But, as we've all learned by now, not every weight loss or exercise plan works the same way for each individual.

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There are several triggers to raising your blood pressure, but one way to manage this is to develop a strategy for managing your stress. According to the experts at Harvard Medical School, following these seven steps can help you reduce your stress and help you manage your blood pressure.

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