Chiropractic for Babies: Mother Approved

baby and mother - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Babies can't tell us how important chiropractic is for their health and wellness, so let's listen to what their mothers are saying. A survey of mothers whose infants received chiropractic care reveals high levels of satisfaction relative to improvements in infant behavioral issues such as feeding problems, excessive crying, sleep issues, problems with...

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Losing or Gaining Minutes?

losing or gaining time - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

We assume that most people don't think about food in terms of whether it's healthy or not (although that's starting to change), but focus instead on whether it tastes good. Unfortunately, fast-food restaurants and food manufacturers have capitalized on this by giving consumers foods that appeal to the senses (and their bottom lines), but generally not to...

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Counter the Couch Potato

couch potato - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The couch potato – it's alive in just about all of us; but some keep it trapped inside, while others let it run wild – although running certainly isn't the operative word. Sedentary lifestyles are killing more of our loved ones, friends and co-workers every day in the form of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more. You might be putting yourself at...

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Listening: Key to Brain Health

old couples - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Over the years, we've discussed various ways to promote brain health and avoid cognitive decline with age, including exercise, diet, sleep and more. But could something as simple as having people around you who listen also make a difference? Let's look at the research.

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A Dangerous Downward Trend

Children's eating habits have always been a big topic; after all, we all want our kids to get off to a healthy start and cultivate habits that will benefit them for a lifetime. Unfortunately, kids are bombarded with messaging all day that teaches them to crave the exact opposite: fast food, candy and other sweets, processed foods .... all tailored to the...

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A Big Reason to Watch Weight During Pregnancy

A certain amount of weight gain during pregnancy is expected and healthy; after all, you're not only carrying the weight of your developing child, but also providing nourishment for their healthy growth. But too much maternal weight gain can be dangerous ... and not just for the mother. We're talking about the health and development of the child.

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