Chronic Pain Can Wreck Your Life

But It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

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Chronic pain is pain that stays around, rather than going away after a short time (with or without treatment). Chronic pain is pain that lasts 3-6 months or longer ... sometimes much longer. In fact, many people end up trying to "live" with their pain. The problem with chronic pain, besides the pain itself, is that it can do real damage to your quality...

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NSAIDs Aren't Doing the Job

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Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly used to reduce pain caused by soft-tissue injuries - think sprains, strains, contusions and other injuries that damage muscles, ligaments and tendons anywhere in the body. Ever suffered an ankle sprain or similar soft-tissue injury? You've probably dealt with the pain by popping a few NSAIDs:...

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Half the Effort ... Same Results?

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While a certain percentage of people can't wait to hit the gym every day, if you're like most people, it can be a daily grind. Between competing family, job and other responsibilities, most of us are so worn down by the end of the day (or the start of the next one) that the thought of exercising is low on the list of priorities. But what if you could cut...

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Video Games Help the Brain

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Video games get a bad rap. There are several stereotypical reasons underlying this perception, including the graphic content in some games; the time some kids spend playing them (instead of doing homework, studying or engaging with "the world"); and the image of the 30-year-old in their parents' basement who can't seem to pull away from the screen and...

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The 5-Hour (Sleep) Mark

If you're only "enjoying" five hours or less a night, your health is bound to suffer. That's because research implicates inadequate long-term sleep in chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Let's look at why getting enough sleep matters so much.

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BMI and the Brain

Body-mass index (BMI) seems to be perpetually trending, despite its admitted limitations. Your BMI is one variable to evaluate your weight as it relates to health risks; but it's certainly not the only one. Additionally, as a value derived from your height and weight, it's less than perfect, to say the least, as it fails to take into account how one...

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