A Groundbreaking Way to Live Longer

reduce weight - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Tales of the existence of the Fountain of Youth – a spring with the power to restore / preserve youth in anyone who drinks or bathes in it – have circulated for centuries, yet apparently no one has found it, if we consider both the average human lifespan and the physical / mental changes that accompany age. Of course, that doesn't mean we lack ways to...

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Does High Blood Pressure Contribute to Alzheimer's?

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Alzheimer's is the dreaded buzzword these days, particularly with an aging baby boomer population. Could something as straightforward – and in many cases, easily modifiable – as blood pressure be the cause and solution for Alzheimer's? According to research published in Neurology, older adults with higher blood pressure are more likely to develop brain...

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No Chemo Necessary for Breast Cancer?

cancer hope - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

At least not in the early stages of breast cancer, according to study findings published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Women with small tumors that had not spread beyond the breast tissue into the lymph nodes or beyond did as well or better without chemotherapy than women who did receive chemotherapy.

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Take the Isometric Challenge

isometrics - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark By Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

Has your workout program been in a downward spiral lately? Have you been doing less and less physical activity? Are the once pain-free activities now causing increased pain? If so, you might want to resume your workouts with isometric exercise.

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Secondhand Smoke Can Cause Snoring ... and Maybe Worse

A chronic snorer not only lives with the embarrassment of the condition, but also the health consequences, the most obvious of which is inadequate sleep / rest from being woken up – either by the strength of one's own snore or an exasperated partner. Snoring also may be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, in which upper airway narrowing or collapse causes...

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E-Cigs: Bad for Your Heart?

While electronic cigarettes have been touted as a tool to help chronic tobacco smokers quit, their use has quickly spread far beyond the smoking population to nonsmoking adults and teen / adolescents. The problem: Increasing evidence suggests e-cigs, even those without nicotine, have health risks and addiction potential similar to traditional...

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