Does Your Company Offer Chiropractic?

company benefit - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Does your company offer chiropractic care as part of its wellness program? Does your company have a wellness program in place at all? It's time, suggests a new position paper highlighting the financial, clinical and patient-satisfaction benefits of providing chiropractic care at on-site corporate health clinics. With clinics of this nature predicted to...

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Have You Checked Your T?

Have You Checked Your T - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Levels of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, start to decline by approximately 1% annually beginning in a man's 30s. As a result, men may begin to experience a variety of distressing symptoms including loss of lean muscle mass, fatigue, reduced sex drive and more – including reduced lifespan.

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Vitamin D – A Life Saver?

Vitamin D - A Life Saver? - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Is maintaining a healthy gut microbiome one way to reduce your cancer risk? According to research, a type of gut bacteria improves immunity to cancer – and one of the ways to grow that bacteria is by ensuring adequate intake of vitamin D. The bacteria: Bacteroides fragilis, which increases in response to vitamin D.

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Keys to Healthy Aging

Keys to Healthy Aging - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Women, listen up: Here are some of the keys to healthy aging courtesy of the latest research on the topic. Are you following this roadmap to a healthy you – or do you need to shift course as soon as possible? Among more than 45,000 participants in the Nurses' Health Study, "healthy aging" was defined as the following: "survival to at least age 70 years...

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Limit Kids' Added Sugar

Sugar – so pleasing to the palate, so dangerous for our health, particularly when it's sugar that's added to your food (rather than occurring naturally in it). A diet high in added sugar has been associated with health conditions ranging from obesity and diabetes to heart and liver diseases, cancer and even dementia. In other words, added sugar is bad...

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Depression and the Brain

Depression in young adulthood is associated with a greater likelihood of experiencing dementia symptoms; and a greater likelihood of experiencing them earlier – as early as midlife. That's the conclusion from a recent study that evaluated the relationship between depressive symptoms and cognition over time. The study involved 3,100-plus adults (average...

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