The Secret to a Happier 2021

2021 - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

After all that we've been through in 2020, a happier 2021 seems like both an eventuality and an absolute necessity. But it's more than just a catch phrase; there's a real science behind attaining happiness in 2021 and beyond. So take out your list of New Year's resolutions for this year and get ready to make some changes that will help you make changes...

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The Problem With Surgery for Low Back Pain

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If you've ever experienced back pain, whether acute or chronic, there are a few facts you should know. First, you're not alone; studies suggest 80 percent of adults experience at least one episode of low back pain in their lifetime. Second, thousands of people undergo back surgery every year for back pain, putting their bodies at risk for surgical...

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It's Time to Test Your Heart Health (and Improve It at the Same Time)

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Heart health is no laughing matter, and yet too many people seem to be giggling as they progressively put their heart at risk. Whether from poor diet, lack of exercise, constant stress or a combination of these and other risky lifestyle behaviors, we rush headlong toward a major heart condition (cardiovascular disease) or event (heart attack, stroke,...

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Are You Stressing Your Baby?

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A mother's stress before and during pregnancy isn't just a health risk for herself; it could also negatively impact her child – and not just during the birthing process. Research suggests the damage may stay with the child for a lifetime. A pair of studies conducted by the same researchers paint a bleak picture for mothers and their children when maternal...

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The Pillars of Mental Health

Physical health is perpetually trending, with weight-loss solutions, gym memberships and nutritional protocols constantly on our radar. But what about mental health? Isn't it equally as trend-worthy ... particularly these days?  Let's make it trend by discussing these three simple lifestyle choices that can have a profound impact on your mental health...

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Build a Bigger Brain

Exercise is one way to do it – literally. According to research, seniors who participate in the most leisure-time physical activity (compared to seniors who don't participate in any) appear to enjoy increased brain volume and other indicators of brain health.

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