Coping With the Pandemic: Who Needs Our Help the Most?

pandemic - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting just about everyone, regardless of whether you've actually been infected or suffered any symptoms. Mental and emotional health is taking a huge hit over time, between work stoppages, social restrictions, and general fear and uncertainty. But is one particular age demographic suffering more than another? You'll be...

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Step Your Way to a Longer Life

running upstairs - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Longevity – the ability to outlive the typical lifespan – sometimes appears to be a matter of good fortune. But look closely and you'll often recognize the lifestyle behaviors that contributed to it. For example, people who exercise consistently often outlive people who generally don't exercise. But it's even more simple than that, according to new study...

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A Better Way to a Better Day

better day - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark By Dr. Perry Nickelston

Day not going right? Stressed from the hectic routine of daily life? Feeling as if your life is spiraling out of control? Oftentimes we get so caught up in simply trying to make it through each day, that we don't take time to appreciate the here and now. Living in the moment is a foreign concept in this fast-paced digital world that constantly bombards...

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Antibiotics: Bad News for Baby

crying baby - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Many parents, but particularly new parents, worry a lot about their baby. Every sniffle, cough or fever 1 degree above normal means a call or visit to the pediatrician. Sometimes, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic that's necessary to treat an infection. But many other times, as studies suggest, medical doctors prescribe antibiotics even for viral...

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Preventing Dementia: 12 Tips

Are 40 percent of dementia cases attributable to a mere 12 risk factors? Yes, say experts, and even more importantly, many of the factors are modifiable. That means you have the power to shape your life in a way that helps you avoid dementia – or at least dramatically reduce your risk.

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Go Plant-Based; Your Blood Pressure Will Thank You for It

As we mentioned last issue, plant-based is trending, particularly in terms of the health benefits and in comparison to a diet higher in animal-based foods. This issue, we explore the power of a plant-based diet to reduce your risk of high blood pressure – not just instead of a diet high in meat / dairy products, but even when you include some meat and...

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