Wrong Choice ... Right Choice

right and wrong - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Your family medical doctor has recommended a steroid injection for sciatica. Your MD tells you that you have disc herniation and degeneration, and that the steroid injection will help with the pain and inflammation. For the sake of example, you are in your mid-50s and are underweight. How do you respond? What does the current research demonstrate? Let's...

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Take Charge of Your Heart

Take Charge of Your Heart - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Your heart health, that is. Heart health is always important, of course, but perhaps no more so than now, since a steep increase in cardiovascular problems is projected. Let's take a look at the bad news – the disturbing projections – and then the good: what you can do to take charge of your heart health starting today.

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Antibiotics: Not for Baby

baby - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Unless absolutely necessary; but far too often, antibiotics are the first treatment option for infants in their first year of life – even for conditions that aren't bacterial in nature (and thus can't be helped by antibiotics). The consequence: an increased risk of permanent allergies and asthma, suggests a powerful new study that add to the growing body...

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The Guidelines Matter

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We're told about physical activity guidelines all the time, but for many people, such recommendations are viewed as either unattainable or unnecessary. First, let's tackle the unnecessary, which a new study shows is simply not the case, for one simple reason. Then we'll discuss how to make what some consider unattainable attainable.

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Lifestyle Tops Aging

Have you ever seen a person who looks really old – and then found out he / she isn't that old at all? Or perhaps the reverse: someone who's in the twilight of  life in terms of age – but looks as if the end is far from near? One big reason: lifestyle tops aging, and it's no more true than when we consider how lifestyle influences dementia...

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Fiber: Just Get Some

Most people don't get enough fiber in their diet – that's a fact. Chances are you're nodding your head in agreement and thinking: I sure don't get enough in my diet. This article is for you ... and the estimated 95 percent of men and 91 percent of women (per the American Society for Nutrition) who need more daily fiber.

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