Two for One With Chiropractic

two for one - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Can't seem to shake that back pain? Continually plagued by headaches? You're not alone. Chronic back and headache pain are among the most prevalent and disabling disorders worldwide. Even more troubling, experiencing one of these conditions may raise your likelihood of experiencing both. But here's the good news: the potential reason why these two...

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Step Up the Competition

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Weight loss is the buzzword in health care that isn't going away, guaranteed. That's because too many people want – or need – to lose weight, and permanent, healthy weight loss is often a supreme struggle to attain. We won't delve into the reasons why it's such a challenge in this article; instead, let's explore one way people can overcome those...

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Antibiotics Increase RA Risk

RA Risk - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

In our last newsletter, we reported on research suggesting a specific class of antibiotics impacts (in a bad way) how blood flows to and from the heart. Now comes another study suggesting antibiotics increase other health risks as well - in this case, the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune condition...

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Let's Drink to Better Brain Health

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The research supporting the health and wellness benefits of both tea and coffee continues to amaze. How about brain health? Yes, both popular beverages may protect your brain against disease. Let's look at what recent research says.

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C-Section May Impact Baby's GI Bacteria

Sometimes a Cesarean section is absolutely necessary, as in the case of pregnancy complications such as fetal distress or abnormal positioning, placental or umbilical cord issues, or delivery of multiple babies. However, C-sections are also increasingly performed for reasons that aren't necessarily medically vital, such as a previous C-section or...

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Get Your Kids Outside - It's Good for Their Eyes

Exposing your kids to The Great Outdoors as much as possible goes beyond physical fitness, stress release and an escape from technology (although these days, kids seem to take their technology with them wherever they go). Spending time outside may also be good for their eyesight, according to research – specifically with regard to nearsightedness...

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