Could Chronic Low Back Pain Lead to a Stroke?

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Chronic low back pain, or LBP that lasts for more than about three months, often means it's been ignored for some time, or masked with over-the-counter / prescription medications instead of a proven option such as chiropractic. Think you can just fight your way through back pain, day after day, month after month, even when it becomes chronic? After all,...

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Your Waist May Make the Difference

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If you're obsessed with body-mass index and worry being above what's considered "normal" for your height / weight will increase your health risks, you may want to focus on another variable that's proving to be even more significant: waist circumference (WC). While BMI can be skewed by muscle mass, among other things, waist circumference is an indication...

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Having Second Thoughts About Aspirin for Heart Attack Prevention

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New research questions the recommendation that healthy people – those without risk factors for heart attack or a previous attack – should be taking daily aspirin for preventive purposes. The research, published in Family Practice, suggests the risks from taking a daily baby aspirin may outweigh the benefits in people who have not suffered a heart attack...

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How to Lower Your Child's IQ

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Most articles, advice columns and research focus on how to raise your child's IQ, but it's time to switch things up. Why? Because research suggests pregnant women may be impacting their children's IQ in a negative fashion without even knowing it. Interested? It's time for a primer on fluoride and why you need to watch out for it while you're carrying...

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Your Brain Loves Cardio

Especially as you get older. That's the conclusion of several recent studies that suggest seniors who participate in cardiovascular exercise have healthier, better functioning brains – exactly what we all want as we get older and start to worry about cognitive decline.

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Processed Foods: The Primary Culprit in the Obesity Epidemic

Is a single category of food the primary culprit in the obesity epidemic sweeping across the U.S. over the past few decades? Yes, say researchers, and it's an all-too-familiar foe: processed foods. Our collective embrace of cost-efficient, more convenient foods (i.e., easier to prepare) and the food industry's willingness to provide it mean the average...

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