Too Many Seniors Are Falling (and Dying), But Here's How to Fix It

woman sleeping - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Seniors have always been at a higher risk of falling than any other age demographic, with the exception of babies first learning how to stand and walk (and falling a lot in the process). With age, our strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, vision and awareness can all suffer to varying degrees, depending on the individual, making a fall more...

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Heartburn Drugs Aren't Worth the Risk

heartburn - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Faced with heartburn, ulcers or acid reflux – or cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease or upper gastrointestinal cancer, which would you choose? We like to think you'd do everything possible to avoid the second set of health woes. Here's one way to do it, suggests new research: avoid extended use of proton-pump inhibitors, commonly taken in...

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Low Carb or Low Fat: Which Is Better for Heart Health?

nutrition facts - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The diet craze is in full force these days, but many diets seem to focus not on balanced nutrition so much as macronutrient extremes: high or low protein, carbohydrates and/or fat. Debate rages on as to which dietary strategy can best achieve weight loss, but let's go beyond the pounds to address an even more important issue: Which is better for your heart?

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Your Sleep Habits Are Making You Fat

sleep habits - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

A growing body of research (no pun intended) connects how well you sleep with your weight. Inadequate sleep, poor-quality sleep, and even inconsistent sleep-wake times can all contribute to weight gain, usually via food-related mechanisms such as stress-induced eating, skipped meals, nighttime eating, and so on. Here are two more potential culprits when...

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Treating Shin Splints -- And Making Sure They Don't Come Back

By Robert Lucarelli, LMT

Whether you are a pro athlete, a weekend warrior or just on your feet all day, shin splints can strike at any time, causing substantial pain. Fortunately, there are precautionary measures you can take to prevent painful shin splints from occurring and/or get you back to full health if you're suffering from shin splints. Here's an introduction to this...

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Depressed by Poor Fitness

If you're not as fit as you'd like right now, you might feel a little down, despondent ... even depressed. There's a connection, suggests research, particularly for women.

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