Start Pain Relief Early With Chiropractic

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When it comes to spinal pain, it's a big mistake to limit the conversation to adults. In fact, anyone at any age can suffer spinal pain, which makes chiropractic care essential for people of all ages. What's more, research shows that even in adolescent, teen and young adult populations, chiropractic is effective at relieving pain.

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Exercising for Heart Health: The More the Better

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If you've ever heard the story of the avid jogger who dropped dead of a heart attack, or the extreme marathon runner who still got cardiovascular disease, you may have wondered: Is there a limit to how much exercise I should do? The short answer, according to new research, is no. Certainly even the fittest of the fit can experience a heart issue, but...

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Treating UTIs: Is Your Medical Doctor Getting It Wrong?

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Antibiotics are the medical standard for treating urinary tract infections in women. That means a lot of women are taking antibiotics, since according to the World Health Organization, at least 50 percent of women suffer at least one UTI in their lives. Let's ignore (for a minute) the fact that antibiotics have short- and long-term health risks of their...

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Your Child's Diet Could Be Setting Them Up for GI Problems

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Failure in terms of struggling with microbiome issues, suggests research. The gut microbiome contains millions upon millions of microbes (bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, etc.) that are actually essential to good health in the proper balance. If that microbiome balance is disrupted - which oftentimes occurs due to poor eating habits, not to mention...

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Your Brain Loves the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet, that is! Research links this diet with better thinking skills later in life – and isn't that something worth changing your eating habits for? Let's look at the key components of the Mediterranean diet and what the latest study says about how it impacts seniors' thinking abilities.

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Want to Stay Mobile for Life? Keep Moving

No matter your age, we all think about what it's like to get old. Well, think probably isn't the right word; more like worry. Top of mind is usually something along this thought process: Will I be able to do the things I used to do when I was young? That worry, that fear, is why one of people's most important concerns as they age, besides overall health...

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