Time to Visit Your Chiropractor – Even When You're Not in Pain

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Why visit your doctor of chiropractic periodically – even when you're not experiencing pain or other symptoms? Here's why. The latest study on maintenance care for low back health suggests receiving chiropractic care periodically dramatically reduces the number of days you'll experience "bothersome" low back pain over the course of a year.

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What If Aspirin Really Doesn't Help Your Heart?

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If you were taught to take aspirin every day as a way to prevent heart attacks and related cardiovascular events, you may need to go back to school. Several new studies suggest the risks associated with taking aspirin on a daily basis may outweigh the benefits. The first study, published in Lancet, enrolled more than 12,000 people from multiple...

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Eating for Fat Loss: Start Later, End Earlier?

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No, we're not really talking about fasting, although research is beginning to show it also may have health benefits when properly administered and supervised; we're talking about time-restricted dieting: limiting your intake of food to a smaller window each day. That means if you currently eat breakfast at 6:00 a.m. and your last snack / dessert at 10:00...

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More Exercise = Better Grades?

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With elections right around the corner, education is front and center as one of the perennial issues on the minds of voters nationwide. After all, whether you're a Republican, a Democrat or any other political affiliation, if you're a parent, one thing is certain: You want your children to have the best education possible. For some parents, the candidate...

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Vitamins for Healthy Aging

Frailty is a major health issue with age. Seniors who are frail are more likely to suffer falls, break bones and become debilitated, losing independence and often accelerating the decline already occurring with age. Fortunately, seniors can reduce their risk of frailty and the consequences with sound nutrition, suggests research, specifically a diet rich...

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P Stands for Perfect Your Posture

Posture is a buzzword these days, and not for the right reasons: With an increasingly slumped, slouched, ergonomically disadvantaged lifestyle in which we're controlled by our phones and other gadgets, posture and our overall health are suffering – big time.

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