Can Exercise Help Solve the Mental Health Crisis?

mental health - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Every time a mass shooting takes place, the subject of mental health comes up, and recent events certainly make this a great time to bring it up. While mental health may or may not be at the root of horrific acts of violence and terror, it's undeniable that people with mental health challenges do not always receive adequate or appropriate treatment....

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Obesity Is Bad for the Brain

brain - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

When we think about obesity (and we think about it a lot these days because it's impacts so many people), we often think about the physical or psychological consequences. Yes, obesity is a driver of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal health issues and even some cancers. And on the psychological side, it can diminish self-worth,...

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Back to Basics: Understanding Back Pain

Understanding Back Pain - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark By Dr. Jasper Sidhu

Despite the amount of information available on the Internet these days, many people still do not have the proper facts on back pain. Perhaps it's due to information overload or just misinformation. Regardless of the reason, there are too many people suffering from back pain and not enough understanding of the causes and potential solutions. Let's try and...

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Is There a Processed Foods – Autism Connection?

processed foods - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Two seemingly unrelated health realities are soaring in our society: autism rates and the availability of processed foods. Could the two be connected? Let's look at the research, particularly a new study published in Scientific Reports. An acid called propionic acid (PPA) is commonly found in processed foods because it helps inhibit mold growth and...

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Vitamin D: Good for Migraines?

Ever suffered a migraine? If you have, you know how much you'd like to avoid suffering another one. If you haven't, take it from the people who have: you don't want to experience one. Unlike the more common tension headache, which causes mild to moderate pain and little else, a migraine hits like a lightning strike, featuring intense, throbbing pain and...

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Vibrate Your Way to Better Gut Health

If you've ever stood on a special platform that vibrated throughout your body, you've experienced whole-body vibration. WBV isn't new, but the research continues to support potential benefits to its use. Case in point: a study in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences that found whole-body vibration increased gut bacterium and reduced gut...

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