Safer With Chiropractic

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Whenever you visit a health care provider, safety is always a concern: How will that treatment (whether a drug, procedure, etc.) affect me? Those fears are magnified in elderly patients, who can generally handle less physical trauma than their younger counterparts. Well, the statistics don't lie: A recent study in the peer-reviewed journal Spine compared...

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All Activity Isn't Healthy

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Any physical activity is healthy activity, right? Not so fast. Where you do it might make a big difference. It could boil down to whether your activity is on or off the job. Researchers tracked more than 100,000 men and women who completed questionnaires regarding their activity during leisure and work hours, categorizing participants into four activity...

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Life-Saving Labeling

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Does something as simple as including "added sugars" to nutritional labels save lives? According to new research, the answer is a resounding yes, and its benefits go even beyond that. Researchers evaluated the health and economic impact of the Food and Drug Administration's 2016 mandate that all packaged foods and beverages include the amount of added...

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Why Is Tea Good for BP?

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High blood pressure is a major risk factor for the two sudden events we perhaps fear the most when it comes to ourselves or our loved ones: heart attack and stroke. Fortunately, with the exception of genetic predisposition to high BP, lifestyle behaviors are generally effective in keeping blood pressure in the safe range.

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Post-Concussion Mental Health

Concussion is the buzzword these days in athletics, from professional to amateur; and adult to youth leagues, and rightfully so. As with any health issue involving their child, parents are understandably concerned with the potential for concussion among their active child - and unfortunately, this won't make them rest any easier.

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When Weight Gain Works?

In our world of weight-loss fads and fascinations (even with an increasing acceptance of body types), weight gain is rarely considered a positive event. That's a misconception since several situations actually make reasonable weight gain a sign of good health. One such situation is after a person has quit smoking. Here's why.

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