Chiropractic: The Best Choice for Seniors With Spinal Pain

spinal pain - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Compared to what? How about pain medication, including opioids, which continue to be associated with misuse, abuse, addiction and death in simply unacceptable numbers. Opioid use within the senior population is particularly concerning because older adults are often already taking multiple medications (known as polypharmacy); and because many seniors...

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Cold Season Is Here, But You Can Fight It Naturally

cold season - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

If you're thinking cold season is still far off, you've made your first mistake. Cold season officially begins in August or early September, according to statistics, getting progressively worse and lasting all the way until late March or early April. That means you and your family are at risk today and every day for quite a few months. And keep in mind...

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The Dangers of Artificial

artificial sweetner - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Too much added sugar is dangerous, pure and simple. (Too much natural sugar is also dangerous, but that's another story.) Thus the birth of the artificial sugar craze that has swept through just about every aspect of the food and beverage industry. These days, it may actually be more common to find foods / drinks with artificial sugar than the natural...

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Getting Kids to Exercise

kid exercise - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Remember when you were a kid? Chances are good you played outdoors almost every day, even during the winter months. But times have changed and our children are more likely to exercise their fingers and eyes (read: spending time on smartphones, tablets and computers) than the rest of their bodies. What's the solution? How can we get kids to exercise in...

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Timing Is Everything

When do you eat your first meal of the day? How long do you refrain from eating – from your last meal of the day until your first meal the next morning? The answers to these questions may help determine how effectively you lose weight, particularly if you're struggling to do so. Let's see why new research suggests timing is everything.

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10 Minutes a Day

On the one hand, getting older generally means you have more time on your hands to do things – including exercise. On the other hand, getting older also can mean health issues that limit your ability to do things – again, including exercise. Since we know how important physical activity is (at all stages of life), how can we make sure we participate ......

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