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It's American Heart Month! Four Ways to Show Your Heart Some Love

It's American Heart Month! Four Ways to Show Your Heart Some Love - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Everyone knows Feb. 14 is Valentine's Day, but not as many people are aware that the entire month of February is American Heart Month! So while you're showing that special someone how much you care, don't forget to show your heart some love and help it do what it needs to do every second, every day for what is hopefully a long, enjoyable life: work...

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A Drug-Free Way to Treat Headaches: Chiropractic Care

A Drug-Free Way to Treat Headaches - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

More Americans complain about headaches than any other health condition, including back pain; in fact, approximately 45 million Americans say they suffer headaches each year. That's one in every six people or more than 16 percent of the population. More than 8 million Americans visit their doctor seeking relief for symptoms of headaches each year....

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Women, Stand Up to Obesity

obesity - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Obesity is a significant health issue, particularly in the United States, and women are afflicted more than men, with nearly 40 percent classified as obese compared to 34 percent of their male counterparts. Fortunately, recent evidence suggests a simple suggestion may be great advice when it comes to fighting obesity: standing up more throughout the day.

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The Adult Time Out: Good for You, Good for Your Children

time out - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

When our children act up, misbehave or break the rules, we often put them in a "time out." Why? The logic is that the child has an opportunity to calm down, think about what they've done wrong, and appreciate there are consequences to their actions (in this case, having to sit on the stairs or in their room for a set period of time). But what about...

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Let Your Kids Play (as Many Sports as They Want)

We're thick in an era of sports specialization, and it's working its way all the way down to the grade-school level. Increasingly, children are specializing in single sports, with parents doing everything in their power to ensure Little Johnny becomes the next Lebron James, Peyton Manning or Landon Donovan. But at what cost? In terms of their chances of...

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Diet, Nutrition and the Context of Risk

Food and supplement safety is a topic that often comes up when I speak to chiropractors for continuing-education relicensing, even when it is not the advertised subject. In fact, it was an off-topic discussion that prompted me to research and write about genetically modified foods (the umbrella term is GMO, with the "O" standing for organism) after a...

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