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A Sugar-Cancer Connection?

sugar - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Could the dreaded "C" word – cancer – one day be paired with an even more dreaded word that's the cause of the first: the "S" word? We're talking about sugar and too many of us are essentially addicted to it, putting our health at risk courtesy of tooth decay, obesity, type 2 diabetes ... and yes, perhaps even cancer. While the sugar-cancer connection is...

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Science Lesson: Why Chiropractic Can Relieve Your Low Back Pain

senior health - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Doctors of chiropractic are known for treating low back pain – and preventing its recurrence – and recent research emphasizes the science underlying their effectiveness. A recent study suggests chiropractic care (spinal manipulation) can reduce LBP, but it also suggests chiropractic can increase spinal disc height. Why is that important? Well, loss of...

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Another Strike Against Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy?

adhd - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Tylenol is probably the most well-known over-the-counter pain medication that contains acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol. It's also one of the few pain-relieving OTC medications generally considered safe to take during pregnancy, as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) are discouraged, particularly during the third trimester. We say...

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A Natural Way to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

cranberry - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of those nuisance conditions that can play havoc with quality of life, and this particular infection is much more common than most people realize. In fact, one of every two women develop a urinary tract infection during their lifetime, and 20-30 percent suffer recurrent urinary tract infections.

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It's Time for Insurers to Cover Drug-Free Pain Relief

Attorneys general representing nearly 40 U.S. states / territories have taken an important first step that could lead to better insurance coverage of chiropractic care and other drug-free pain-relief therapies. Lack of adequate / any insurance coverage is a common reason patients turn to medication / medical doctors first, rather than visiting a doctor...

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Child Obesity and Asthma: A Dangerous Combination

Obesity and asthma: no child should have to suffer either one of these health conditions, but in combination, the two can be even more dangerous. In fact, research suggests children who are obese and also suffer from asthma are more likely to require hospitalization for asthma complications.

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