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Chronic Pain Damages Your Brain

brain - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Chronic pain is front and center these days now that the opioid crisis – the wrong way to manage pain – has been exposed and opportunities to prevent and treat pain instead of medication (a key example: chiropractic) jump into the spotlight. The reason for this increased emphasis isn't just because opioids have been proven often unnecessary and...

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A War You Can Win: 9 Ways to Make Better Food Choices

junk food - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The average American consumes approximately 60 percent of calories from sugar, flour and refined oils. A donut is a good example of a so-called "food" that represents these calorie sources. We also consume a considerable number of calories from French fries and ketchup, each of which began as vegetation, but after refinement represents more sugar, flour...

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Breastfeeding Could Save Your Life

breastfeeding - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Breastfeeding may be one of the healthiest things a mom can do, with health benefits gained by both mother and child. For baby, benefits include reduced risk of colds / viruses, protection against chronic disease (including some childhood cancers), and reduced risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). For mom, stronger bones, less risk of weight...

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Their Grades Depend on It

Irregular Sleep - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

When kids go off to college, you can only hope the sleep routines (and myriad other good habits) you taught them survive the late-night study sessions, dorm-room parties and other sleep-depriving, sleep-disrupting activities. But even if college students manage to get enough sleep on a regular basis, their grades may still take a hit if their sleep...

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Injury Prevention Made Easy

Between children and adults, sports participation may be at an all-time high, which is good for our health in terms of physical fitness, but bad in terms of the increased injury risk, particularly since many people, young and old, don't follow correct warm-up and cool-down protocols. But let's change all that right now by learning a lesson from the...

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Menopause Symptoms: Worse With Weight

Obesity isn't considered a pleasant state of affairs for the overwhelming majority of people who experience it, and absolutely no one enjoys the profound negative health consequences. And for women enduring the symptoms of menopause, obesity can make those distressing, debilitating symptoms even worse.

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