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Beat the Blues With Exercise

exercise - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Depression is a serious health issue, whether we're talking clinical depression (major depressive disorder), mild depression, seasonal affective disorder (or appropriately, "SAD" – depressive symptoms that often occur during the fall / winter months) or just "feeling blue." Fortunately, there's a simple, natural solution to help deal with depression:...

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Are You Getting Enough Calcium? It Could Help You Avoid Cancer

cancer patient - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Over the past 25 to 30 years, studies have suggested calcium may confer protection against colorectal cancer. Animal studies have shown this effect, and many epidemiological studies have shown a strong correlation between higher calcium intake and lower incidence of colorectal cancer.

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Five Must-Know Fitness Principles

fitness - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Contrary to what you may read in your Facebook feed or junk email box, there's no "magic pill" when it comes to fitness. Instead, following these simple, basic principles can help you reach and maintain your fitness goals. 1. Eat Food. Skip the bars, meal-replacement shakes, sugar substitutes and low-fat peanut butter – REAL food, which comes from the...

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Spending a Painful Day Off

pain management - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

We all have our "story" when we don't show up at work on any given day; some more valid than others. After all, "My car broke down" or "I had to take my daughter to urgent care" generally come off much better than "I slept in and missed the bus" or "I lost my car keys." Now here's a truly valid reason for work absenteeism, and unfortunately, it's...

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Pay It Forward

As with most goals in your life, the best way to get what you want is to give it. If money is what you seek, donate to a charity you believe in; if you want more love in your life, starting giving more of it; if you want to look and feel healthier, perhaps the answer lies in what you can do for those around you.

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Get Regular Sleep for a Healthy Pregnancy

Our circadian rhythm is set by the natural light/dark nature of our days and night and is associated with many biological processes. And, as one study found, it can also have a negative impact on female reproduction. While the exact physiological process is a bit complicated, the authors in a recent American Society for Reproductive Medicine study noted...

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