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Chiropractic for Chronic Pain: A Key Piece of the Puzzle

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Chronic pain is a major issue these days, and finding solutions that don't cause even more pain and misery (read: opioid abuse / addiction) is an even bigger issue. So, it's refreshing when we get a glimpse of nondrug approaches that are working. And boy is this one working. Findings from a unique Medicaid pilot project in Rhode Island involving high-use...

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How to Survive a Heart Attack

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We know exercise is important when it comes to keeping your heart strong and healthy; if you're not doing moderate physical activity for 30-60 minutes on most days of the week, you're doing your heart a disservice, particularly over the long term. Now research suggests another key heart benefit of regular exercise: heart attack survival.

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A Smart Diet Starts Before Pregnancy

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According to the American Pregnancy Association, an appropriate pregnancy "diet" involves "fine-tuning your eating habits to ensure you a receiving adequate nutrition for the health of you and your baby. ... typically, you will need to consume an extra 300 calories a day." But what's adequate nutrition? The type and source of those 300 extra calories can...

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Daily Heavy-Metal Detox

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In modern society, we are constantly exposed to heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury. These heavy metals have no essential biochemical roles in our body, and conversely, can cause us a great deal of harm if they build up to toxic levels. They bind to our tissues, create damaging free radicals (oxidative stress), disrupt our endocrine (hormonal)...

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Flexibility and Your Health

A sound fitness program must include a balance of exercises. I like to see people perform a mix of range of motion movements, flexibility, strength and endurance. These are the pillars of a healthy body. Flexibility work is essential. Each of us needs to remain very flexible especially as we age. It"s not just that "It feels so good." Without proper...

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Don't Lose Your Cool

There are two aspects to stress: the event and the response. The latter may be the most pivotal in terms of your health. After all, stress rears its ugly head all the time in our hectic lives. What you do when it appears determines how it impacts your day.

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