To Your Health
May, 2009 (Vol. 03, Issue 05)
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3 Ways to Decrease Stress

By Editorial Staff

3 Ways to Decrease Stress - Relax - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Relax

The average day can seem like one stressful task after the other, which adds up to a state of constant stress and frustration. Make time to get away from the daily grind, whether that's setting aside an hour or so each night before bed to take a walk, read a good book or just put your feet up and unwind. Sometimes all it takes is a little time to yourself to reduce your stress dramatically.

3 Ways to Decrease Stress - Refresh - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Refresh

Stress can be nothing more than your body and mind getting stuck in a rut of the "same old, same old." Stagnation sets in, which leads to stress over time. To avoid this pattern, think outside your daily box every once in a while: learn a new skill, incorporate new exercises into your workout routine, take a different route to work - anything to mix things up a little.

3 Ways to Decrease Stress - Rejuvenate - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Rejuvenate

No matter how successful you are at incorporating anti-stress strategies into your daily routine, it isn't always enough. To truly rejuvenate, plan a few vacations every year; you'll be less stressed leading up the time off, just knowing it's around the corner, and getting away from normal responsibilities can do wonders to ease stress and rejuvenate your spirit.