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Kids & Nutrition: 6 Ways to Help Your Children Eat Right
  By Julie Engebretson
Antibiotic Use Linked to Asthma
Breast Milk Protects against Asthma?
Aerobic Exercise for Asthma?
Cholesterol: Link between Mother and Child?
Physical Complaints May Predict Teen Depression
Too Many Children Still Drinking (and Driving)
Watching Our Children Get Fat
The Key to Training Is Moderation
In Your Best Interest?
Watching and Learning
Maternal Drinking Might Influence Attention Deficit Disorder
Teach Your Children the VALUE of Exercise
Vitamin A for Low-Birth-Weight Infants
Breast-Feeding Protects against Heart Disease?
Improving Academic Performance with NUTRITION
Drinking Soda, Risking Bone Fractures
Does Cow's Milk Contribute to Diabetes?
Low-Fat Diet Won't Hinder Childhood Growth
Trends in Teenage Eating Habits: The News Isn't Good
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