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More on the Dangers of NSAIDs
Bed Rest for Aches and Pains? Not an Effective Prescription
In Your Best Interest?
Not Safe Enough?
On the Safety of the Chiropractic Adjustment
DTP, Tetanus Vaccinations May Cause Asthma
Get the Full Story on Medications
Investigate Before They Operate
Dietary Supplements: Not Always Risk-Free
Maximizing the Patient-Doctor Encounter
Think Twice before Going under the Knife
Considering Elective Surgery? Weigh the Risks
Don't Take Antibiotics for That Sore Throat!
Too Many Americans Taking Diet Pills
Hair Dyes May Cause Arthritis
Try the Natural Approach to Health Care
Assisted Reproduction: Know the Risks
Unhappy about Antidepressants
Folding under Pressure
Unsafe Supplements
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