To Your Health
January, 2010 (Vol. 04, Issue 01)
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Laughter Is the Best Medicine

It's a well-known saying that may actually be true, according to a number of studies. Evidence suggests laughter is a true health promoter, helping reduce stress, boost your heart rate, increase circulation, and even burn calories.

For example, laughter helps combat stress, which is well-known to decrease immune-system response. Less stress means a better immune system, making your body less prone to infection and disease. Reducing stress levels also makes it easier to fall asleep, and as has been discussed in this publication on several occasions, poor and/or inadequate sleep can contribute to a whole host of negative health consequences.

Laughter - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark But how could laughter possibly burn calories? It's actually a simple concept, if you think about it: When you laugh, your body moves in various ways; muscles throughout the body stretch and, depending on the strength of the laugh, your abdomen and other areas of the body may even contract repeatedly. Now that's a workout and a laugh all in one!