To Your Health
May, 2010 (Vol. 04, Issue 05)
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3 Ways to Increase Energy

By Editorial Staff

Take a stand - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Take a Stand

Against sweets, that is. People commonly think sweets give you more energy, but it's really just for the short term; after that burst of sugar hits your bloodstream and is processed away, you're left with low blood sugar and little high-quality nutrition to combat fatigue. Think complex carbohydrates and low sugar to give your body balanced energy throughout the day.

Unschedule - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Unschedule

Some people thrive on organization more than others, but everyone needs to take a break from the stress and clutter of the daily grind sometimes. Which raises the question: Is scheduling a break in your schedule just adding to your schedule? The point is that being spontaneous can be invigorating, especially if it involves doing something new and taking a break from routine.

See the light - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark See the Light

Light (or lack thereof) plays a huge role in our energy levels. For example, sunlight helps keep us energized, while office lighting, which is often of the fluorescent variety, can do the opposite. And when you're trying to sleep, total darkness is what's needed; otherwise, you may find yourself waking up frequently and/or experiencing less restful sleep, sapping your energy for the next day.