To Your Health
September, 2010 (Vol. 04, Issue 09)
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Lose the Last 10 Pounds

By Editorial Staff

Millions of people lose hundreds of millions of pounds every year, only to put them back on, often with a little extra as backhanded thanks for their hard work. One of the major reasons for long-term failure is the challenge of losing that "last 10" - the last 10 pounds that need to go in order to reach your desired weight.

Lose the Last 10 Pounds - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark When you think you've lost all the weight you can and can't seem to lose any more (even when you know you need to), here are a few ways to keep going all the way to your personal weight-loss finish line:

Mix Things Up. Your body adapts fairly quickly to physical demands, which means if you don't vary your workouts, your body stops responding. Mixing things up may take you out of your comfort zone, but it will pay off when you keep burning fat and pounds.

Power in Numbers. If you don't already have a workout partner, recruiting one could be just what you need, especially when going to the gym has lost the allure it once did. Studies show that support, whether at the gym or just via an encouraging phone call, is crucial to long-term success in any weight-loss program.

Think Back. As hard as it may be, sometimes you need to look back (photos, video, etc.) at the heavier person you were to appreciate your success thus far and remotivate yourself to keep going forward instead of backward.