To Your Health
July, 2011 (Vol. 05, Issue 07)
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Greek Goodness

By Editorial Staff

When it comes to yogurt, the health benefits are endless. Yogurt has everything from probiotics, which help promote healthy digestion, to calcium, which is essential for strong bones.

In the past few years an alternative to regular yogurt has made its way on to the shelves – Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is another type of yogurt known for having a thick consistency and is packed with just as many health benefits as regular yogurt – some might say even more. Here are some of the primary nutritional differences between the two:

  • Greek yogurt has approximately double the protein of regular yogurt.

  • Greek yogurt has fewer carbohydrates and less sodium than regular yogurt. This could be beneficial to diabetics and those watching their caloric intake.

  • greek yogurt - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark More calcium: Regular yogurt has about three times the calcium of Greek yogurt. Both are still considered good sources of calcium, but women who don't get enough calcium from other foods may want to stick to regular yogurt.

So try Greek yogurt on its own or in a smoothie. Whether Greek or regular, be sure to choose low-fat or nonfat varieties.