To Your Health
February, 2014 (Vol. 08, Issue 02)
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Is Your Insomnia Harming You?

On average, how many sleepless nights do you have a week? If it is more than two or three, your risk of stroke and heart attack are automatically doubled. Not getting the sleep you need (an average of 7-8 hours a night) can put you in danger's way. According to the latest research from the American Heart Association, insomniacs are twice as likely to suffer a stroke as people who don't have trouble sleeping. How so?

When there is lack of sleep, your overall blood pressure is believed to rise over time, according to researchers.

insomnia - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark With elevated blood pressure you are endangering vascular walls and every night of sleeplessness will add up over time. Something to think about. If you are not getting the adequate amount of sleep and find yourself suffering from insomnia more often see your doctor and find natural ways to get some zzz's like warm baths and herbal teas. Your health depends on it.