To Your Health
February, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 02)
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3 Tips to Help Tip the Scales (in the Right Direction)

By Editorial Staff

Weight loss is a big buzzword these days, and even more so during the first few months of the year. After all, "lose weight" is the No. 1 New Year's resolution on many people's annual lists. Unfortunately, by year's end (or a whole lot sooner), many of those same people will have abandoned their weight-loss goals and resigned themselves to revisiting their weight next year instead.

You can do better, and you can start today, not 10 months from now. Here are three time-tested success tips to make this the year you turn your life around and gain control over your weight:

  1. Follow the two-week rule: This rule is a simple, but essential one: Do something new every two weeks, whether it's a new exercise, a new running route, a new healthy food, a new training routine – mix things up to keep your body and mind from getting stagnant. The two-week rule also applies (in general) to an even more important principle many weight-loss hopefuls overlook: don't expect to see changes immediately. Weight loss is about patience, determination and seeing change from a lifetime perspective, so don't stress out (and give up) if every week isn't a weight-loss success story. Stick with it and your efforts will pay off.

  2. scale - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Eliminate spectator mentality: For many overweight / obese people, participation is only a word, not an action. Turn the tables by dedicating yourself to participation – not only in athletic endeavors, particularly ones you haven't tried before; but also the countless things you've always wanted to do, but have been too embarrassed to do because of your weight. So do things that will help shed the pounds; but also do things that will lift your spirit and continually renew your dedication to a new life and a new you.

  3. Move beyond the big goal: Want to drop 30 pounds? Take an important step by moving beyond that goal immediately. The strategy is twofold: First, you're better off making smaller goals that will keep you motivated and can be achieved in a shorter time frame – losing 5 pounds in the next month, for example. Second, by prioritize overall lifestyle changes (exercising regularly, eating better, etc.), rather than a weight / number, you'll achieve the mindset shift necessary to not only lose those 30 pounds, but keep them off permanently.

Can't wait to lose weight? Then start today armed with these three tips. Before you know it, you'll be looking great and even more important, feeling great. Talk to your doctor for other great tips to help you compose your weight-loss success story.