To Your Health
July, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 07)
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Summer Shake-Up: Take Your Workout Outdoors

By Editorial Staff

Whether you live on the coast, in the mountains, the heartlands, the desert or anywhere in between, summer's the perfect time to get outdoors and mix up your exercise routine at the same time.

Leave the stuffy gym behind and embrace Mother Nature! Here are four easy ways to do it.

  • Pick a Stroke (or Two): You can't beat swimming when it comes to a sustained full-body workout, plus it's one of the most aerobically challenging athletic endeavors out there. Near the beach? Take on the waves a few times a week. If not, find a lake, pond, pool or river and start swimming. Click here for some basic tips on the right (and wrong) way to perform specific swim strokes.
  • Take a Hike (Literally): With the cold, inclement weather behind you, summer beckons with countless opportunities to put one foot in front of the other. So take to a beaten (or not-so-beaten) path and bond with nature while toning your body at the same time.
  • Put Your Toolbelt On: Tackle your project list this summer and you'll soon discover painting, sanding, hammering, weeding and other tasks can do more than get the job done; they'll give your body a great workout.
  • Power of the Picnic: Summer and picnics go hand in hand, whether we're talking your traditional food or the larger "outdoor eating" concept, which includes BBQ. Regardless, you'd be surprised how much physical exertion goes into executing a good picnic, be it at the beach, park or your own backyard. Lug a fully stocked cooler 100 yards – you'll feel it everywhere. Carry a dozen chairs and a table from the car to your favorite eating spot – you'll know you've done it by how tired you feel the next morning.

For months, you've slaved inside at the gym or your home, building the summer body you deserve. It's high time to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and take your workouts to the next level. Talk to your doctor for more information.