To Your Health
November, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 11)
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Build a Better Brain With Food

By Editorial Staff

The connection between eating habits and brain health continues to be reinforced, with new research suggesting the Mediterranean diet can build a healthier, younger brain. That's great news considering an estimated 150 million people are projected to suffer from Alzheimer's disease alone by 2050.

Researchers scanned the brains of 674 older adults (average age: 80) and asked them to complete food surveys that assessed their dietary intake in the past year. Results showed that adults whose diets approximated the Mediterranean diet (primarily vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals, with occasional fish and poultry) had heavier brains with more gray and white matter, reflecting better brain health.

Interested in giving the Mediterranean diet a try? Here's a more comprehensive list of foods to eat (and foods to limit / avoid). Talk to your doctor for more information.