To Your Health
March, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 03)
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April Showers Bring May Fitness: Exercising During the Rainy Season

By Editorial Staff

Rainy season is here, which means less opportunity to get outdoors for exercise (if you were able to during the winter months) and more challenges getting to the gym in the first place. April showers can be a major obstacle to exercise compliance, which can veer many people off track right when they were getting a handle on their 2016 resolution to get in better shape.

But you don't have to make that same mistake. Here's how.

  • Preparation is Job #1: Checking the weather forecast every night is a great way to estimate how easy (or difficult) if will be for you the next day. Big storm in the forecast? You may want to squeeze that run in the night before or make sure you give yourself extra time to get to the gym once the rain hits.

  • Dress for the Part: Cold, rainy weather isn't a desirable workout environment for most people, whether they're slogging through the rain as part of their exercise program or just trying to get to the gym. But dress inappropriately and you'll reduce your chances of making it happen - and may risk injury or sickness as well. Mandatory for the rainy season: a water-resistant outfit (long-sleeve shirt, jacket and pants, depending on the temperature), a hat / beanie, and of course, supportive shoes with a sole that isn't prone to slip and slide when the sidewalk gets a little wet.

  • april - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Home Is Where the Health Is: Weather too daunting to travel? Develop an at-home exercise routine you can turn to in a pinch (rainy days, sick kids, etc.) to ensure you stay true to your fitness goals. Body-weight exercises (push-ups, dips, etc.) are a great place to start, and a variety of core exercises will work wonders. For cardiovascular activity, you can do jumping jacks, box jumps, jump rope, interval routines and countless other lung-draining, body-toning movements that will serve as a great replacement for your standard gym workout.

Fitness is a full-time, year-round job, but it's worth the effort - just ask anyone who's experienced the results. So come rain or shine, arctic wind or warm breezes, find ways to stay on track for your yearlong (and lifelong) goal: building a better, more fit you.