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July, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 07)
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Fight Psoriasis With Weight Loss

By Editorial Staff

Psoriasis is a frustrating and often-embarrassing skin condition characterized by red, scaly patches that may itch, burn and/or sting. While the exact cause is unknown, it's been postulated that the immune system and genetics may play a role.

The bad news is psoriasis can come in many forms, flare just about anytime, and doesn't have a definitive "cure." The good news is various treatments can be effective at reducing symptoms, including weight loss.

According to research, diet and exercise are effective at reducing psoriasis severity beyond the effects seen from traditional treatments. In a recent study, participants with psoriasis who ate three low-calorie meals daily and exercised three times weekly experienced significant symptom improvement compared to participants (the "control group") who attended an informational session on weight loss and psoriasis at the start of the study, but otherwise did not follow any specific diet / exercise guidelines. According to the researchers, it was clear that people who lost more weight also experienced a greater reduction in psoriasis severity, plain and simple.

Are you suffering from psoriasis and don't know where to turn? Click here to learn more from the National Psoriasis Foundation and talk to your doctor about natural treatment options, including weight loss if you're not at your current ideal weight.