To Your Health
March, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 03)
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A Diet to Prevent Breast Cancer

By Editorial Staff

We've talked before about the potential benefits of the Mediterranean diet for cardiovascular, bone and brain health.

Now, research points to the diet's value in reducing the risk of developing estrogen-receptor-negative breast cancer, a variant of the disease that strikes postmenopausal women and often has a poor prognosis.

In the study, ERN breast cancer (particularly dangerous because the cancer receptor cells do not respond to hormone treatments, as do receptor-positive breast cancers) developed 40 percent less often in postmenopausal women who consumed a Mediterranean diet, with findings based on more than 20 years of diet tracking involving more than 60,000 women ages 55-69.

Need help adopting the Mediterranean diet? Click here for an overview of the diet and talk to your doctor about how to implement it gradually and effectively in your household.