To Your Health
April, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 04)
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How to Survive a Heart Attack

By Editorial Staff

We know exercise is important when it comes to keeping your heart strong and healthy; if you're not doing moderate physical activity for 30-60 minutes on most days of the week, you're doing your heart a disservice, particularly over the long term. Now research suggests another key heart benefit of regular exercise: heart attack survival.

A study involving more than 14,000 adults, none of whom had experienced a heart attack at the start of the study, tracked their activity levels and health for more than 30 years (1976-2013). At baseline, subjects were categorized as sedentary (light activity for less than 2 hours per week), light exercisers (2-4 hours of walking or light activity weekly) or moderate / high exercisers (more than 2 hours of vigorous activity such as biking per week).

heart health - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Among people who suffered heart attacks during the study period, light exercisers were 32 percent more likely to survive the attack than sedentary subjects; moderate to high exercisers who suffered a heart attack were 47 percent more likely to survive.

The message is simple: Exercise! Your heart will thank you for it. Talk to your doctor to learn more.