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July, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 07)
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Top 5 Stress Triggers (We Can't Seem to Avoid)

Yes, we're revisiting the stress conversation because, well, stress seems to revisit all of us more often than we like, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. So let's dig a little deeper this time and consider some of the primary causes of stress – which will inevitably help lead us into how to avoid those stress triggers in the first place, or deal with them appropriately once they appear.

Here are five big stress triggers many of us are clearly not dealing with the right way:

1. Overloading: If you let things build up, whether emotionally or workload-wise, you're bound to experience eye-popping stress eventually. In fact, one of the most common causes of stress isn't letting things out – it's keeping them in. Think of the slow release of steam from an uncovered boiling pot, versus an eventual explosion of steam from a boiling pot with no source of release. Letting it out in calm, reflective fashion – now that's the way to manage stress.

2. Winging It: Think you can get everything done without any planning, preparation or prioritization? Good luck. That's a recipe for major stress. So start your day by making a list (or do it the night before), deciding what really matters and what can wait if needed, and then go about getting it done – stress free.

3. Packing It In: You may do a great job at scheduling your busy day, but life tends to throw you curves, and you just might not finish everything on your list for a given day. An unfinished list can ruin some people, while others take it in stride and keep their cool. Which person are you?

stress - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark 4. Letting It Ride: There's always another day to finish that list, but if you let tasks / responsibilities linger for too long, you'll cause yourself big stress for two reasons. First, your unfinished business will smack into your current business, and you'll be back to the "overload" and "packing it" in stress moments. Second, procrastination tends to eat away at people. Every day, they're thinking about what they could have done, should have done, wish they'd done – stress personified.

5. Going It Alone: You want stress every day for a lifetime? Try dealing with it alone. Your friends, family and loved ones are there for a reason when it comes to stress – to help you deal with stress when it's manageable (or before it even arises). So talk, share, vent – whatever it takes to keep stress at bay or defeat it before it builds to a boil.

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