To Your Health
August, 2019 (Vol. 13, Issue 08)
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Vibrate Your Way to Better Gut Health

By Editorial Staff

If you've ever stood on a special platform that vibrated throughout your body, you've experienced whole-body vibration. WBV isn't new, but the research continues to support potential benefits to its use.

Case in point: a study in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences that found whole-body vibration increased gut bacterium and reduced gut inflammation.

The bacterium is known as Alistipes, and one of its primary functions is to elevate levels of short-chain fatty acids, which reduce inflammation. Using a mouse model, researchers discovered that daily 20-minute whole-body vibration sessions increased levels of the bacterium 17-fold after four weeks. Whole-body vibration also increased inflammation-suppressing macrophages and anti-inflammatory cytokines. In other words, more vibration equals better gut health and less inflammation! And can't we all use that in our lives?

To learn more about the basics and potential benefits of whole-body vibration, click here to read a great article from the American Council on Exercise.