To Your Health
March, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 03)
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3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy

By Editorial Staff

During the cold, windy, blustery winter, when your skin normally takes a beating, skin health is that much more important. Fortunately, beyond all the creams, lotions and sophisticated (read: expensive) skin regimens dermatologists and skin care companies may recommend, there are natural ways to keep your skin in great shape – starting today.

Here are three of the easiest:

1. Your skin loves exercise: First and foremost, exercise increases blood flow, which helps accomplish two important things for your skin (and your entire body in general: It helps carry nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, nourishing them; while at the same time, removing wastes / impurities that can inhibit cell function. In other words, exercise keeps your skin cells in optimal working condition.

But there's more to the story when it comes to exercise and skin health. Exercise also improves your skin by reducing stress; and as we all know, stress can cause skin problems and exacerbate existing ones - think acne for a great example. Another benefit (if you don't overdo it) is that exercise, particularly the kind that makes you sweat, usually means a post-workout shower / bath is on the horizon. That gives you a chance to wash away dirt, grime and dead skin cells.

2. A good diet goes a long way: As teens, we were taught that certain foods - particularly candy - could cause acne. Sugar is certainly an acne trigger, as are other foods / food categories, including dairy, greasy foods and refined (think white flour-based) grains. If you think it's just a myth, binge on a few of the above for even a day or two and see what happens to your skin. Over the long term, a healthy diet can help avoid several age-related skin issues we're all trying to minimize: dry skin, thin skin and yes, even wrinkles according to some research. Just like exercise, healthy food also delivers much-needed nutrients to your body's cells, skin included. And since your skin is the largest organ in (on) the body, that means your skin will benefit immensely.

3. Skin care is a 24/7 job: Skin health is far more than taking a shower once a day and well, calling it a day. It's a 24/7 job that includes not only the above tips regarding exercise and nutrition, but much, much more. Keeping your skin moisturized, protected from excess sunlight, and free of dirt, oil and the like means skin should be your #1 priority from the time you wake up until the time you hit the sheets.