To Your Health
June, 2023 (Vol. 17, Issue 06)
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Summer Wellness Tips

By Editorial Staff

Summer is right around the corner and that means two things: 1) People are generally busier with more outdoor time, time off work, vacations, etc.; and 2) The risk of compromising your health and wellness lifestyle is surprisingly high considering point #1.

Here are four summer wellness tips to keep you on track while enjoying everything summer has to offer.

  1. Get Enough Sleep: People have enough trouble sleeping throughout the year; during the summer, it can be even more challenging due to longer days and increased activity. Prioritize sleep during the summer, just as you would any other time of year. Your body and mind need time to relax, rejuvenate and restore – 365 days a year.

  2. Find Time for Fitness: More outdoor time generally means more time participating in physical activity of some kind. But these days, that's not always the case. Summer can mean nothing more than swapping the location of your screen time from indoors to outdoors – not a wise choice. Take advantage of warmer weather, longer days and potentially, time off work, to not only stick the fitness plan you've been sticking to all year; but also mix it up by swapping the gym for outdoor activities. Finding time for fitness during summer – now that's a great way to avoid gym burnout.

  3. Summer Wellness Tips - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Don't Forget About Diet: Summer is BBQ season, but that doesn't mean you need to adopt a high-calorie, high-fat diet. Remember, a sensible diet is what got you here; don't abandon it during the summer. Sure, if you're not a vegetarian / vegan, eat the occasional burger or hot dog if you're so inclined; but mix in plenty of healthy options on your grill, such as skewered veggies, corn on the cob, grilled fish and more.

  4. Sunlight: Your Enemy and Friend: An article on summer wellness wouldn't be complete without a few words about sunlight – your enemy and friend during the summer months. On the one hand, sunlight provides vitamin D, which is linked via research to numerous health benefits. On the other hand, too much sunlight – particularly if you experience painful sunburns – can elevate your risk of skin cancer. Slapping on constant sunscreen isn't necessarily the solution, either (most sunscreens are just a bunch of chemicals, after all); so enjoy the sun, but be cognizant of protecting yourself with a hat, sunglasses and occasional shirt; and even better, carve out ample time to spend in the shade.

Enjoying summer is all about enjoying it wisely and safely. Start with these four tips and you'll get the most out of the summer months – without sacrificing the health and wellness goals you've been pursuing all year.