To Your Health
December, 2023 (Vol. 17, Issue 12)
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Cannabis and Your Baby

By Editorial Staff

Think you already know how cannabis affects babies? Too many expectant mothers don't know – and are putting their children at risk. That's because cannabis exposure in the womb appears to impact placental function, adversely affecting pregnancy outcomes.

Among soon-to-be mothers, cannabis exposure increased the risk for an adverse pregnancy outcome – specifically "small-for-gestational-age birth, medically indicated preterm birth, stillbirth, or hypertensive disorders of pregnancy" compared to pregnant women with no cannabis exposure.

Using cannabis beyond the first trimester elevated the risk even higher than women with cannabis use in the first trimester only.

Writing on their findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the study authors underscore the scope of the problem: "Cannabis use among pregnant people has increased over the past decade in parallel with an increasing perception of safety." Which brings us back to our initial question and why all future mothers need to know the answer: Cannabis isn't safe during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but there are still natural health risks to both mother and child. Don't add to the list by using cannabis or being exposed to it in any way. If you're planning on having a baby or just learned you're expecting a child, talk to your health care team about the best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy, happy baby.