To Your Health
February, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 02)
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Multivitamin Power

By Editorial Staff

Multivitamin use may be valuable not only in terms of a lower risk of colorectal cancer, as supported by previous research; a new study also suggests multivitamins may improve survival odds if you're suffering from colorectal cancer. Encouraging news with reports of colorectal cancer rates on the rise, particularly in younger adults.

Among nearly 2,500 patients with stage 1, 2 or 3 colorectal cancer, researchers determined whether post-diagnostic use of multivitamin supplements affected all-cause and colorectal cancer-specific mortality. Their finding: During an 11-year average follow-up following data collection, multivitamin users had lower rates of both all-cause and CRC-specific mortality compared to non-users.

While more research is needed and the multivitamin doses used in the study appeared to be more than just a single daily tablet, it's encouraging to see that multivitamins can potentially improve colorectal cancer survival rates – likely in conjunction with other health-promoting variables. The bottom line: Particularly if you're not getting adequate nutrients from your daily diet, consider a multivitamin to help "fill the gap."Talk to your doctor for more information.