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Laboring Over Low Back Pain

As if pregnancy isn't challenging enough, with all of its emotional ups and downs, weight gain, etc., recent evidence suggests that low back pain (LBP) is a major factor as well. A 36-question survey of 950 pregnant women presenting at various prenatal care clinics and educational classes in Connecticut revealed that 70 percent of respondents experienced LBP at some point during their terms.

Anonymous surveys were distributed to pregnant women participating in prenatal classes throughout New Haven County, Conn., over a period of 18 months.

The surveys found that LBP was more common among younger pregnant women, and those with a history of LBP both during and independent of previous pregnancies. Survey respondents also indicated that LBP had negatively affected sleep patterns and some daily activities. Of the women who reported their LBP to their doctors, only 25 percent received treatment recommendations.

These results show that LBP is prevalent during pregnancy; sadly, however, it seems that few of these patients' primary care providers did much to help. Pregnancy notwithstanding, LBP can be disruptive if left untreated. Don't let LBP take the joy out of your pregnancy. Your doctor of chiropractic can recommend a safe and gentle treatment plan.

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