To Your Health
June, 2008 (Vol. 02, Issue 06)
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What's Your Excuse?

By Editorial Staff

While not as entertaining as a David Letterman Top 10 List, this one can help you put your health into perspective. Do you use any of these excuses when the topic of exercise comes up? If you're not exercising, you've likely used some or all of these excuses at one time or another.

That's a problem, not only because it means you're not getting enough exercise, but also because your lack of action may be contributing to other unhealthy choices that affect your life.

So, without further delay, here are the top 10 most common exercise excuses:

10. A general sense of apathy. "I don't really care about exercising. I work hard enough every day that I don't need an exercise routine."

9. Low on the priority list. "I have a lot of important responsibilities and exercise just isn't a priority right now."

8. Embarrassment. "I'm so out of shape, I'm afraid people will laugh at me at the gym."

7. Health issues and/or chronic pain. "I have a bad back, bad knees, etc., so I can't work out without severe pain." (This one might actually be a decent excuse - but are you doing anything to alleviate your pain besides taking medication?)

6. Lack of a routine or boredom with the current exercise routine. "I never know what to do at the gym. I don't like doing the same thing all the time."

5. Location, location, location. "There just isn't a gym that's close to my work or home."

4. A woman dressed for exercising holding a clock in one hand. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Budget issues. "It's just too expensive to join a gym and buy all the necessary gear (clothes, shoes, iPod, etc)."

3. Bad experience. "I had a bad experience at the gym (with a personal trainer, dirty gym, obnoxious members, etc)."

2. Lack of motivation. "I'm too tired to work out at the end of the day. I just don't have the discipline to commit to an exercise program. Isn't there a quick and easy way to get in shape and lose the weight?"

1. Don't make the time. "With kids, a husband, a full-time job and aging parents, I just don't have the time to exercise. It's not even on my radar at the end or the beginning of the day."

How many of these excuses are stopping you from exercising regularly? Whether it's one or all 10, now's the time to stop making excuses and do something about it.